A site created for an Emory University course that explores digital media’s role and effect on society.

Developing this website was a pretty mundane experience. I’ve created websites for classes in the past, so it wasn’t a new task for me to do. In past classes, I really struggled with using WordPress and customizing various aspects; however, in this class, I finally mastered how to create tabs, pages, and menus. The design of the website hasn’t changed since I first created it, because I wanted to make it simple and easy to use; the only changes I’ve made have been adding more posts and organizing my menus to be arranged categorically. Something else I’d hoped for this website was to be proud of the content I publish, and now that it’s a finished product, I can confidently say that I feel the content I wrote is insightful, informative, and substantial. I enjoyed publishing a variety of content on the website, like research papers and blog posts, because it made the experience of working on the website more interesting and makes for a more dynamic site. Out of all the websites I’ve created for classes, this one is definitely my favorite, and it’s because I feel I produced and shared quality content.



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